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What is handicap betting in football? Skills you need to know when playing handicap betting

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Football handicap betting is a type of bet that is currently favored and chosen by many players. To learn more about what football handicap betting is and what skills are needed when playing, let's follow the article below with clevertips!

What is handicap betting?

All major and minor betting companies offer handicap betting options for players to choose from. Each match will have different handicap betting options depending on how the bookmakers assess the match. It's advisable to carefully choose reputable bookmakers like Wintips, Galaxy 6623, 789bet, etc., to play with.

How to read basic football handicap betting odds

Handicap 0 : 0 - Draw no bet
In this type of bet, you will see the potential win tips bet for both the home and away teams.
Handicap 0 : 0/0.5 or 0 : 0-0.5 or 0 : 1/4
Handicap 0 : 0/0.5 or 1/4 handicap is also known as half-ball handicap for the away team.

Handicap 0 : 2/2.5 or 0 : 2-2.5 or 0 : 2.25
2.25 handicap is a bet where the home team gives the away team a two-and-a-quarter-goal advantage.
Handicap 0 : 2.5
Handicap 2.5 is a bet where the home team gives the away team a two-and-a-half-goal advantage.
Handicap 0 : 2.5/3 or 0 : 2.5-3 or 0 : 2.75
2.75 handicap means the home team gives the away team a two-and-three-quarter-goal advantage. This type of handicap bet typically has the highest odds among bookmakers.

Experience in choosing betting options in football handicap betting

Alongside analyzing basic information online, the data provided on the bookmaker's odds somewhat reflects the bookmaker's opinion on the match, which can be further enriched by drawing insights from betting experience.
When a strong team plays away, they may be handicapped with 1/2 to 1 goal, indicating a small handicap. This reflects the relatively balanced strength between the two teams, making the underdog a viable choice, especially when informed by past betting experience.
If both sides have similar form and skill levels, choose the away team, opting for the draw no bet option, a strategy honed through years of betting experience.


We trust that the comprehensive insights provided in the preceding article have equipped you with a deeper understanding of the nuances of football handicap betting, along with the essential skills required for successful participation. As you embark on your journey in the realm of football handicap betting, home win tips extends its sincerest wishes for abundant luck and prosperity in all your betting endeavors.